Welcome to Our New Blog

Welcome to our E Hookah Blog

Welcome to our brand new blog all about vaping and the usage of disposable electronic hookah pens. We will be writing reviews and giving out butt loads of information relating to electronic cigarettes. Please note that you have to over the age of 18 to purchase these products. We also do not sell them, but we may however refer some merchants that are credible and offer great prices and products.

We do not work with any of the mentioned brands, manufacturers, or stores. We would be more than happy to review your product or service that relates to the topic of vaping. This includes all disposable e cigarettes, e shisha pens, rechargeable vaporizer kits, herbal vaporizers, e juices, and all other accessories.

At times, we may even post some things that are completely off topic, but hopefully you will also find these posts informative, entertaining, and useful to you.

Because we are not a full time blog yet, we may not have original images and videos. We will share with what we find from Google or with permission from their rightful owners. If you would like to share information, images, or videos on our website, feel free to contact us and we will review your submission prior to posting it on our website. Of course, we do not want any overly promotional content and would like to make recommendations and reviews based off of our experiences.

Please also note that if you would like for us to review your products and give credit where credit is due, you must contact us beforehand and we will work with you to get that review posted on our site. Also note that in very rare cases will we actually purchase a product from your commercial website, however we are open to receiving samples for us to base our reviews on.

Welcome to Our New Blog