Fantasia E Hookah Pens

Upon trying a variety of different vaporizer products, I eventually stumbled upon the electronic hookah (AKA e shisha pen) and found them extremely enjoyable. It eventually lead me to using the nicotine free Fantasia e hookah pens which are often regarded as the best e hookah pens available, no argument there.

Fantasia e hookah pens

The reason why I prefer these over the average Joe electronic cigarettes is because the purpose of these pens were made to resemble hookah smoking. 8/10 times, people will find hookah more enjoyable than cigarette smoking. Hookah is often smoother on the throat and most importantly, tastes like fruits.

In most other aspects of this vaporizer, the e hookah pen does still very much bare a resemblance to the electronic cigarette. It is often shaped like a pen, you inhale from a mouth piece, the tip lights up, and you blow out vapor. Another important difference is that e hookah pens often do not contain a nicotine cartridge, therefore does not give you the nicotine fix that you seek if you’re a cigarette smoker. However, there are some that do offer various nicotine levels for you to pick from, but you’ll find that this is quite rare. A good alternative would be to purchase those Ego-T and similar vaporizers that are rechargeable, reusable, and you can fill your own e juices with. There are plenty of flavored e juices that contain nicotine and you can easily find them at local vape shops. Of course, I’d still recommend that you find them online for a lower price.

The great thing about Fantasia hookah pens is that each pen has 800 puffs. Remember the 300 puff e cig that I bought for the price of a pack of cigarettes? Yeah, the Fantasia e hookah pen has 2.5x the amount of juice in the pen for about the same price.

Of course, any brand can offer e hookah pens but none is matched to the flavors that are offered by Fantasia. You will find a selection of very unique and “different” flavors from cocktail drinks to crazy fruit blends. Nonetheless, they are delicious.


Fantasia E Hookah Pens