Electronic Cigarettes – An Initial Experience

Electronic cigarettes have been hot for several years now. I remember first seeing them in local smoke shops and delis and thinking to myself how silly these little devices were. I thought they were silly and probably didn’t work because I had no understanding of these products. After about a year since they hit the market, I actually tried one myself and to my surprise, they did very well imitate the cigarette smoking experience.

My first disposable e cig was purchased from a 7Eleven store when I was actually going in to grab a pack of real cigarettes. I decided to give it a spin and it cost about as much as a pack of cigarettes did. The brand of this electronic cigarette is called Njoy and I’m pretty sure most of you have seen advertisements, seen them in stores, or in some cases have even tried these.

NJoy E Cigarette

What I did enjoy about this disposable electronic cigarette was that is was small, compact, light, looked and felt very much like an actual cigarette. When I first inhaled from the pen, I noticed a throat hit, which was odd for this little electronic device and I did not expect that sensation. I enjoyed that and give them credit for being able to imitate that sensation. When I exhaled, I breathed out vapor that looked like cigarette smoke. Of course, it didn’t smell like anything and people didn’t have an issue with me using it around them.

I did find myself using this little device a lot more than I would for a traditional cigarette. In other words, I would constantly be puffing at this pen when I otherwise wouldn’t be smoking a cigarette anyway. This was my first e cig, so I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that it interested me or because I actually craved a cigarette.

The disappointing thing about these disposable vaporizers is that they only packed 300 puffs. 300 puffs may sound like a lot but if you were using one of these pens, it’s noticeable how fast it runs out of juice. I finished mine before the night ended.

Electronic Cigarettes – An Initial Experience