Fantasia E Hookah Pens

Upon trying a variety of different vaporizer products, I eventually stumbled upon the electronic hookah (AKA e shisha pen) and found them extremely enjoyable. It eventually lead me to using the nicotine free Fantasia e hookah pens which are often regarded as the best e hookah pens available, no argument there.

Fantasia e hookah pens

The reason why I prefer these over the average Joe electronic cigarettes is because the purpose of these pens were made to resemble hookah smoking. 8/10 times, people will find hookah more enjoyable than cigarette smoking. Hookah is often smoother on the throat and most importantly, tastes like fruits.

In most other aspects of this vaporizer, the e hookah pen does still very much bare a resemblance to the electronic cigarette. It is often shaped like a pen, you inhale from a mouth piece, the tip lights up, and you blow out vapor. Another important difference is that e hookah pens often do not contain a nicotine cartridge, therefore does not give you the nicotine fix that you seek if you’re a cigarette smoker. However, there are some that do offer various nicotine levels for you to pick from, but you’ll find that this is quite rare. A good alternative would be to purchase those Ego-T and similar vaporizers that are rechargeable, reusable, and you can fill your own e juices with. There are plenty of flavored e juices that contain nicotine and you can easily find them at local vape shops. Of course, I’d still recommend that you find them online for a lower price.

The great thing about Fantasia hookah pens is that each pen has 800 puffs. Remember the 300 puff e cig that I bought for the price of a pack of cigarettes? Yeah, the Fantasia e hookah pen has 2.5x the amount of juice in the pen for about the same price.

Of course, any brand can offer e hookah pens but none is matched to the flavors that are offered by Fantasia. You will find a selection of very unique and “different” flavors from cocktail drinks to crazy fruit blends. Nonetheless, they are delicious.


Fantasia E Hookah Pens

Electronic Cigarettes – An Initial Experience

Electronic cigarettes have been hot for several years now. I remember first seeing them in local smoke shops and delis and thinking to myself how silly these little devices were. I thought they were silly and probably didn’t work because I had no understanding of these products. After about a year since they hit the market, I actually tried one myself and to my surprise, they did very well imitate the cigarette smoking experience.

My first disposable e cig was purchased from a 7Eleven store when I was actually going in to grab a pack of real cigarettes. I decided to give it a spin and it cost about as much as a pack of cigarettes did. The brand of this electronic cigarette is called Njoy and I’m pretty sure most of you have seen advertisements, seen them in stores, or in some cases have even tried these.

NJoy E Cigarette

What I did enjoy about this disposable electronic cigarette was that is was small, compact, light, looked and felt very much like an actual cigarette. When I first inhaled from the pen, I noticed a throat hit, which was odd for this little electronic device and I did not expect that sensation. I enjoyed that and give them credit for being able to imitate that sensation. When I exhaled, I breathed out vapor that looked like cigarette smoke. Of course, it didn’t smell like anything and people didn’t have an issue with me using it around them.

I did find myself using this little device a lot more than I would for a traditional cigarette. In other words, I would constantly be puffing at this pen when I otherwise wouldn’t be smoking a cigarette anyway. This was my first e cig, so I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that it interested me or because I actually craved a cigarette.

The disappointing thing about these disposable vaporizers is that they only packed 300 puffs. 300 puffs may sound like a lot but if you were using one of these pens, it’s noticeable how fast it runs out of juice. I finished mine before the night ended.

Electronic Cigarettes – An Initial Experience

Welcome to Our New Blog

Welcome to our E Hookah Blog

Welcome to our brand new blog all about vaping and the usage of disposable electronic hookah pens. We will be writing reviews and giving out butt loads of information relating to electronic cigarettes. Please note that you have to over the age of 18 to purchase these products. We also do not sell them, but we may however refer some merchants that are credible and offer great prices and products.

We do not work with any of the mentioned brands, manufacturers, or stores. We would be more than happy to review your product or service that relates to the topic of vaping. This includes all disposable e cigarettes, e shisha pens, rechargeable vaporizer kits, herbal vaporizers, e juices, and all other accessories.

At times, we may even post some things that are completely off topic, but hopefully you will also find these posts informative, entertaining, and useful to you.

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Welcome to Our New Blog